What states will Joe win besides Cal and NY?

There's a good chance he won't win NY.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    There's zero chance Biden won't win New York. 

    He will probably win every state that Clinton won.  There weren't a lot of pickup opportunities for Trump.  Other than New Hampshire (which Clinton only won by half a point), Trump wasn't going to win any additional states in the Northeast.  Other than Minnesota, which I think Clinton won by about 2 points, there wasn't anything else he could win between the coasts.  But he's not going to win those.  In Minnesota he's so far behind that his campaign has stopped advertising. 

    In addition to the states which Clinton won, Biden is either ahead or tied in the following states: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Arizona.  In Texas he is, IIRC, just two points behind Trump, which is kind of astonishing. 

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