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How can I stop binge-ing ?

I’ve been binge eating more often than not lately, I would say 4 out of 7 days! How can I stop? Feel like I’m doing it because I’m bored but I weirdly find the feeling of fullness (like trousers start feeling tight) quite satisfying.

I’ve tried going for walks when I feel the urge to binge but truthfully that ends in me walking to the store to buy binge food.

This can’t be healthy and I’m worried I’ll put on weight quite quickly if this continues. I’m still quite slim now except for my belly which is quite noticeable so I don’t want to risk it getting bigger. What are other health implications of eating like this? Maybe I can frighten myself into not doing it.

Would it be worth speaking to a doctor/nutritionist about this? Even now I’m mentally thinking about what I’ll eat tomorrow...I just can’t stop thinking about food!

Just as an example below is what I ate today. Breakfast was at 7am then everything else was between 1pm and 730pm.

Porridge oats with peanut butter

5 chocolate iced donuts

6 mozzarella and spinach aranchini balls

A pack of 7 timeout finger chocolate bars (They are around 120cal per bar)

1 tube of Pringles 

1 250g roasted vegetable pizza

2 magnum ice creams

Any advise would be amazing

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  • 4 weeks ago

    First big tip- Don't Buy those high fat/sugar foods- if you don't have them you can't eat them.

    Have healthier Choices available

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Eat a bigger breakfast! Then you won't feel as hungry or crave things as much. Drink lots of water in-between meals, exercise, and eat a big healthy dinner so you are full and don't binge on unhealthy stuff. Allow yourself to look forward to treats, but limit yourself on how many treats you can have - maybe 1 treat after breakfast and lunch. Honestly, the more you get out of the house and involve yourself elsewhere, makes your mind not constantly think about food. 

  • Fin
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    4 weeks ago

    You keep eating like that and you're going to get diabetes.  Among other things, that's way too much sugar to be consuming. 

    You need to impose some self discipline and stop the between meal snacking and eat less processed foods.

    Try this: Any time you want to grab a snack, grab a cup of water instead and drink it down - it will fill you up.

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