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Is this anxiety?

So I woke up with a sore throat one day (probably because I slept with my mouth open) and all of the sudden I developed this sensation of yawning to breathe and heavy chest breathing. I can breathe normally but every so often I feel I need to get a super deep breath and sometimes I can't which stresses me out. I also feel there is a lump in my throat which causes me to cough and and clear my throat. THis happened back in August as well and I went to Urgent Care because I thought I couldn't breathe and they told me it was anxiety and I should try yoga and exercise. I am not sure why it keeps happening though. I don't feel there is anything I should be this stressed about. I just moved into my first apartment alone, I am in school, I lost my grandmother and my great-aunt a month apart from each other, COVID-19, and a lot of other **** are stressing me out but I don't feel it is anything I can't handle. How do I make it stop because I can't keep doing this because it hurts my throat and chest sometimes to breathe like this! Please help!

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