How many types of firearms are there?

Handguns (pistols and revolvers)

Shotguns (Double-Barrel and pump action and automatic)

Assault Rifles

Light Machine Guns

Sniper Rifles

Submachine guns

What else am I missing?

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  • John
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    4 weeks ago
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    Single-shot flintlock pistols

    Single shot percussion lock pistolsHowdah pistols (double barrel, almost like a sawed-off shotgunSingle shot breech-loading loading pistols (Thompson-Center, et. al.)Muzzle loading flintlock riflesMuzzle loading percussion lock riflesMuzzle loading shotguns"Modern" in-line ignition muzzle loading rifles, plus the no-longer-made Thompson Center Scout pistol

    Breechloading black powder rifles (Sharps replicas)

    Falling block single-shot cartridge rifles (Ruger #1, Winchester 1885)

    Break-top single shot rifles (H & R Handi-Rifle)

    Black powder revolvers

    Break top single-shot shotguns (H & R Topper)

    Lever action rifles

    Bolt action rifles

    Slide-action rifles

    Semiautomatic rifles

    Lever action shotguns

    Bolt action shotguns

    Slide action shotguns

    Semiautomatic shotguns


    Semiautomatic pistols

    Double barrel shotguns -- Over and Under

    Double barrel shotguns--side-by-side

    Double barrel rifles--Over and under (Beretta)

    Double barrel rifles--side-by-side (Holland and Holland)

    Drillings (two barreled weapons --either two different rifle calibers, or a rifle caliber and a shotgun barrel --- the famed, no-longer-made Savage model 24 was such a gun)

    Fully automatic rifles -- some which are pistol-cartridge carbines, while others fire standard rifle ammunition

    Rifles with revolver cylinders (Taurus Circuit Judge)

    Punt guns (long-obsolete very large shotguns mounted on a stand, with a pivot)

    Paradox guns (essentially a smoothbore shotgun designed to shoot large, brass shells with single lead projectiles -- typically 12 gauge through 4 gauge --- the last three or four inches of the barrel are often rifled)

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Super soakers????

  • 3 weeks ago

    You forgot derringers, single-shot shotguns, and probably at least a dozen more depending upon how specific you want to get.

    FWIW, you almost lost me with "assault rifles." Don't fall for the Bloomberg propaganda.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Black powder rifles,   flintlock

    Black powder rifles,   percussion cap

    Black powder pistols,  flintlock

    Black powder pistols,  percussion cap

    Lever action rifles

    Lever action pistols (Mare's leg)

    Blunderbuss (not the same as a shot gun)

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  • Kenny
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    4 weeks ago

    Carbine, hunting rifles, 2 more that come to mind .

  • C T M
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    4 weeks ago

    You're missing a lot.

    Source(s): Way too much to list.
  • Andy
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    4 weeks ago

    In England we have slingshots, potato guns, conkers but only in the autumn, and our fingers- two for more informal insults, and just the one for special occasions. 

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