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Is it an issue that I walk with my toes out?

So I didn’t notice but my friend pointed out that I walk with my teeth pointed outwards instead of straight and it hurts like pressure on my ankles when I try to walk normally. When I was young, I walked on the tips of my toes so I was suspected of having some disease but ended up clear of it, but now I really hate how I walk and I’m insecure about it, is there a fix? Should I visit the doctor?

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    a lot of people walk with their toes pointed not so straight...myself included..its like you say..its discomforting to walk with them pointed straight...but science says it doesnt matter.  if you run/walk differently you might not be as fast but there is nothing wrong with it...i would guess 1/3 -1/2 of people point out toes

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    Feel free to see an orthopedic specialist if you want.  It is very difficult to retrain yourself to walk differently. You also need to understand why. you walk the way you do.  For example, you may have flat feet/collapsed arches, slightly deformed leg bones or hips, etc. 

    Some things can be addressed, at least in part with orthodics and or physical therapy.  Some issues can be addressed with surgery, but unless you are in pain, that probably isn't in the cards.  

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