Would these Ginga Nagaraboshi Gin/Densetsu Weed dogs win against Darcia (Wolf's Rain)?

I'm talking about in WOLF form!!

1. Riki

2. Gin (GNG)

3. John (GNG)

4. John (GDW) {Let's be fair; he didn't bow down or plead for Hougen to spare his life. He simply told him basically to "F*** off", got impaled in the LUNG by a tree branch, tore the branch out of his lung, and THREW SAID BRANCH INTO HOUGEN'S FACE!!}

5. Ben (GNG) {C'mon! He got crushed by boulders and threw said boulders OFF OF HIM! Plus, even when BLIND, he was STILL able to defeat Sniper!}

6. Sniper (GDW Manga) {Maybe . . . right? He cut a freaking tree in HALF with his METAL legs!}

7. Akatora (GNG) {He managed to blind Akakabuto *a literal eye-for-an-eye* phrase!}

8. Weed (GDW Manga) {He managed to nearly KILL Hougen more than once, killed 6 of Victor’s Shepherds, sliced through Victor’s face, and KILLED a hybrid-grizzly bear!}

9. Jerome (GDW Anime) {He nearly ripped the heart out a 30-foot-long genetically enhanced Shepherd! Plus, he managed to fight off Rocket & his brothers, take a bullet to the leg, kill Thunder & Lector, swim after Reika in a raging river, & managed to drag Hougen into a river all BEFORE the bullet wound infected him!!}

10. Tesshin (GDW Anime) {Look at the number he was doing against Gemba in Episode 17!}

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