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What is my bicycle flange nut size? ?

Below are pictures provided. So recently the axle/flange nut responsive for rising my bicycle seat’s height was worn out. To replace it, I went on ebay and bought a 3/8-16inch g/8 flange nut. But it was too big. Any idea where I can get the right size of my flange nut? More specifically, where I can buy it online? Thanks! 

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    There's a really good chance the nut isn't a standard measurement size but rather a metric size. 

    Take the original nut to almost any hardware store and they'll probably have exactly what need. You can also take the original nut to a reputable bicycle shop as well.

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    Why in the name of God would you buy something so nit-picky online?  Jeez..just go find a hardware store.  Or maybe a bike shop would have the parts you need lying around in what's commonly called a 'scrounge bin'.  For a new nut & bolt, it might cost ya a buck.    

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    Why buy on line?  Why guess?  Many times the bolt will have the size imprinted on the head.  The nut will be the same size.  If that doesn't work, why not simply go a hardware store?  Or a bicycle shop?  

    Do you realize how inexpensive nuts & bolts are at a hardware store compared to buying online?  Try to find a local Mom & Pop store locally owned vs. Home Depot or Lowe's.  Much better customer service.  

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    Check near your front reflector light, it will show info 

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