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New apartment has contract with energy company?

I’m a little new to the utility bills so I just need more clarification. So my previous place the water was allocated and i had reliant but only paid for my daytime usage so it was no more than $50 a month.

But here at my new place with Austin Energy and the water being submetered I don’t understand how I’ve only been in my place for 24 hours and my bill is already $20. 

I want to cancel and go back to reliant  but I’m confused on if reliant charges for water or not since it’s submetered(Might be a dumb question, but I really am confused)

When i asked if i could use any company my apartments said they have a contract with Austin energy. She said it like I couldn’t use another company, is that how it works? If they have a contract I can’t use another company at all or did they trick me cause they get paid for each resident that uses Austin Energy? 

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    Energy companies generally do not charge for water.  Water is usually municipal.  

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    OGenerally, you cant choose your utility companies.   You get whatever company has that particular area.  Utility companies dont compete against each other.

    Im not sure how you have a bill for only one day..  But generally there are various fees and taxes on top of your usage..  So even if you use very little, youre still paying a minimum amount each month.

    I had a gas bill that was at least $30 every month just for fees and taxes...  Even if my actual metered usage was only $5 worth of gas for the month.

    Allocated billing means that your landlord used some formula to determine how much to charge each unit.   There may have been months that you paid for MORE than what you used.

    Metered billing means they are actually keeping track of your usage

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    Here's a crazy thought.  Call Austin Energy and ask for the contract.

    I have no idea if that's how it works.  I wasn't there when you asked.  Yes, it is possible.

    Did they trick you?  Yes, if they told you one thing and the truth is another.  If you didn't ask or don't understand or anything else, that's YOUR fault.

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