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Im getting married, why am I still depressed?

I've been depressed on/off throughout highschool but ive never been extreemly depressed. I've met the woman of my dreams and we've been together for quite some time. My wedding is 2 weeks away and I just found out were expecting our first child. I have zero reason to be sad but I've never wanted to end it more than now. I was closer to suicide in highschool than I am now because I have my future wife and child to look forward to and I wouldn't dare leave them without me. I really am looking forward to fatherhood and being a husband. Highschool made sense because I hated everyone and everything but now I am surrounded by love and a promising future, yet I cannot shake this depression. Im really worried this won't go away after everything settles and I'll end up leaving everyone behind. Does anyone have any advice. I cant afford a counselor but I supose thats what the internet is for.

Thanks in advance 

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    An impending wedding creates additional stress, which can add to depression. 

    You do not say whether you are on medication, but if not, things like ashwagandha and vitamin B can help alleviate symptoms. Also prepare a plan for every day and every week ahead to keep you going. I know this does not sound earth-shattering, but it helps to keep your mind in focus. 

    Above all, you have a wife and child to care for, so be grateful and look ahead to a bright future. Being loved by your own family is the best thing ever. 

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    Sorry, the internet isn't a substitute for counseling.  Forget about the past and start living in the present.  If you continue to have bouts of depression, seek the advice of a therapist.

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    Marriage isn't a magical cure for a real problem that you aren't getting treatment for.  

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    Sadness or happiness, is a reaction to things around you.

    At the moment you are describing circumstances that most would consider a trigger for happiness.

    Depression is different. It is an illness, not an emotion.

    Whilst many people use the words to mean the same thing, depression is NOT jut an extension of feeling sad.

    It is possoble for someone who is suffering depression to geel happy but the emotion is generally fleeting.

    You say you cannot afford a counsellor butyou cannot afford to leave depression untreated. It is not fair on your fiture wife and unborn child but most importantly it is not fair on yourself.

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