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Is this why we are nearly hairless? Or furless?

I am not being racist. I am just wondering. We all know that all the animals in this world are covered by a layer of hair. Even the dogs and cats in our streets all have a layer of fur on them. Likewise, the apes and the ancient ape men, all have a layer of hair on them. In contrast, all men in this world literally have no hair on their bodies.

We also know that from tests ran by researchers, it was found that literally everyone on earth have nearly the same DNA. Our DNAs are more closely related to each other than two alley cats living on the same street

Is the reason why we are all nearly hairless because we all have nearly the same DNA? That is, because we all very closely DNA related that is why we are all nearly hairless?


We had 2 cats once. Because we only had 2, the off springs they bore all started to have carnal relationships. Before long, their future generations all started to loose their hair.

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    During our evolution, there was likely a selective pressure to lose most of our body hair. What that selective pressure was, I don't know. There is a great deal of variation in the amount of body hair that humans have. Go to a pool or beach and look around.

    The fact that we are all closely related is certainly not the WHY of hairlessness.

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    The evolution of dark skin is believed to have begun around 1.2 million years ago, in light-skinned early hominid species after they moved from the equatorial rainforest to the sunny savannas. In the heat of the savannas, better cooling mechanisms were required, which were achieved through the loss of body hair and development of more efficient perspiration.

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    “In contrast, all men in this world literally have no hair on their bodies.“ Huh? Are you just jealous that you’re bald? Even if you’re bald you still have hair on yourself, look under your shirt if you don’t believe me!

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