Filing Taxes primary /spouse ?

Me and my wife had started an LLC couple of years ago, where she owns 75 % and I own 25%. Never had to pay estimate taxes since it was a loss for the initial years. We also have our regular salaried jobs too. This year, i sold off my share to another individual and the company is profitable. Since its an LLC , the pass-through income applies.  Fortunately, the income was high this year, so she filed federal and state estimate taxes. When we file our annual taxes next year (joint filing), should she be the primary and me as the spouse or can it continue as me being the primary and she the spouse on the tax return. 

Will the tax agency be able to view/link the estimate taxes paid during the year ?

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  • Eva
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    It makes no difference who is listed as primary.  If by tax agency you mean tax preparer, in some instances they may be able to view your estimated payments, but in most cases they cannot. It is your responsibility to record and document the estimated taxes that were paid and provide that information to the preparer.

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