The right soap for your hands and face?

I just learned that you shouldn’t use body wash on your face? Is it ok to use it to wash your hands? I also learned that u also shouldn’t use bar soaps for your face. I’ve been using bar soaps for my face. 

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  • 2 weeks ago

    Facial skin is more sensitive. Actually a baby wash is best for the face.

  • Laura
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    The reason you shouldn't use any of these soaps on your face is because it is very harsh and likely to cause damage to the skin over time by taking out all of the natural moisture.  

    You should use a skin cleanser specifically for your face.  CeraVe makes some great ones, they are cheap and effective.  

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Where did you "learn" this? A lot of skin care advice exists only to sell expensive stuff you don't need. Skin's needs are simple. In order to functiom as the body's largest organ it needs to be clean and it needs to hprovide a barrier between your insides and the outside. 

    Most body washes and cleansers are nothing more than detergents with other stuff added. For a body wash there's lots of fragrance and grease removers (surfactants) for extra dirty areas. In facial cleansers there's much less scented ingredients, less strong surfactants and buffers to keep the detergents from cleaning away the skin's natural moisture barrier. A bodywash can get your face too clean and compromise your skin's natural moisture barrier. Bar soaps are made of soap, not detergents. There's a huge chemical difference. Detergents rinse clean and soaps can leave a fatty residue. Some bar soaps have ingredients that allow them to be rinsed clean away. Some bar soaps have antibacterial ingredients. Some have strong perfumes. Some have extra moisturizer. Some are bad for the face, some are good.Goats milk soap and those beige natural soaps are good for the face if they are mostly unscented. They leave skin clean but don't strip away moisture and are good for dry skin. A soap such as the original Dove has been a favorite for nearly a hundred years because it does what it advertises, cleans without irritating. If you have no problems with your skin the drug store pairing of Dove and Olay moisturizer (or any other inexpensive fragrance free moisturizer) is enough for the face. One cleans, one replenishes skin's moisture barrier. That's all you need. Soaps such as zest and Irish Spring are high in scent and detergent so they work best for the body. For hands you can use antibacterial, charcoal infused, walnut shell infused for scrubbing, extra cleaning detergents or whatever you want. Hands need to be clean so use what gets then cleanest.Facial cleansers are watered down detergents with moisturizers and skin care ingredients. These are somewhat wasted in cleansers because the skin care stuff gets rinsed down the drain before it has a chance to do anything! Several foaming cleansers  are simple and basic, they wash away oils, sweat, dirt and dead skin cells. Water rinse away foaming cleansers  are best. Stay away from old fashioned cold cream and lotion cleansers that are wiped off with kleenex. These leave a greasy residue that can cause break outs. There are facial cleansers designed to clean makeup and you do need to use one of these if you wear makeup. Always follow with a moisturizer.If you have normal skin without any real issues a gentle facial soap combined with a simple moisturizer is fine. If you have acne a leave on medicated ointment will do more than medicated cleansers that rinse down the drain. If your skin is dry then it's best helped again with a leave on moisturizer after cleaning. If you wear makeup you'll need a cleanser that's designed to remove makeup. Save the heavy duty body washes for the body skin which is tougher than the face. A lot of places and people say things to sell products. Others say things because they are repeating old outdated stuff their mom said it old poorly written beauty magazine articles. Use what works for you. And to repeat: people say things to sell products.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Cleanser or an exfoliant is recommended 

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