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Feeling disconnected from a friend. What do I do?

A few months ago we had a fight. It took us over a month to reach out again and we started meeting up again. Since then, it hasn't been the same. Most things she does and say annoy me for no reason. I told her some good news and she seemed to be jealous instead of happy for me. Should I keep meeting her? Can we become close friends again?

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    I believe that it's possible for you two to become friends again, but it relies on effort from both of you. The key to good relationships and friendships is trust and communication, and if you feel uncomfortable around her, that might be something you should talk to her about.

    Although it can be sad, growing apart from friends is a natural part of life. People will come and go, but the truly important ones will stay by your side. If you really care about her and you want to make an effort to become closer again, then definitely do so. However, if she doesn't reciprocate the effort, then I don't believe it's worth your time.

    That being said, I know next to nothing about your relationship with her. You are your own best judge. Don't take my advice too heavily. Best of luck!

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    You can try a few more meetings and see if she changes, if not, its time let it go. Some people just cannot move on.

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    Your friendship has changed.  Friendships grow and alter all the time.  They don't stay the same.  You've had a scrap which has been a catalyst which has changed things subtly.  Now both of you feel differently about the friendship and each other.  No, it won't ever be the same again.  You may stay friends but don't hanker for the past because that's history.  It's over.

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