have you ever felt worthless and not as good as others?

like an inferiority complex?   i have often felt this way throughout my life, because i was a sensitive child and received some teasing and bullying in secondary school.....and i remember times when i felt worthless and not as good as this guy who could talk better than me and who had a greater command of vocabulary than i did....and i felt i was nothing next to him, and felt he was better than me and that i was worthless.

i also felt extreme anger that people made me feel like that, and that i couldn't find an answer to overcome that feeling at the time.....i felt people had a power over me and a hold..

how do you rise above times like that in your life?  im now a male aged 42 from the uk.

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    I think we all have at some point. I’m a 22 year old new nurse, so I constantly feel inferior compared to the more experienced nurses at work. It’s a feeling that comes and goes. 

    You just need to do activities that activate the dopamine receptors in your brain (aka, give you a sense of accomplishment). Working out, organizing, talking to people that uplift you/see the greatness in you, etc all help me a lot.

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