Did I just delete my yugioh duel links account?

My main way to play duel links was on my smart phone. It broke a little over a week ago so i had to replace it. I had a laptop so i thought that maybe in the mean time i could download it and play it on my laptop. so i downloaded Steam and through steam i downloaded duel links. When i opened the app on my laptop i was greeted with the usual screen of "Initiate" and "Data Transfer".

Please keep in mind that this hasnt been the first time i have transferred data from one device to another before. I have done this when I bought a new phone. the only difference this time is I'm not transferring data from phone to phone, but from phone to my laptop. And the data transfer was a complete success.

This time when I tried to transfer my data i started with a new account and had 0 gems and 0 cards besides the yugi default deck. 

Had i not spent any time or money in this app i would not have cared, but i did. I put a lot of time and effort in to that account and hard working money. I would just like to get my account back so i can start playing duel links again.

Now when I access my account through my other phone it doesn't show my original account anymore but instead its showing the fresh new account.So I don't know if i deleted my account or not because i know i put in the right konami id. I have my konami id in my email all the way back from 2017 in my hotmail account. I put in the right konami id.

For the time being i have put in an inquiry about this problem straight to konami


but it says it could take about a week or two before they get back to me. And to be very honest I have little hope they will even contact me because of the nature of their business. Konami has been known to be very greedy and I am starting to lose hope..

Update 2:

I love the game a lot and i have been playing since i could talk, im not even kidding.

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