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My landlord just walked into my apartment ?

My landlord just walked into my apartment, she thinks we’re not home because we were supposed to be gone for 14 days and I came back a week earlier, because I didn’t feel good. So I was laying down and I just here someone knocking but I don’t feel well so i ignore it, and then she just unlocked and  walked into my apartment and said she was doing an inspection for pets (were not allowed to have any pets and we snuck a cat in the past but she’s been gone for weeks now) And I told her that. We still have the cat tree because we were gonna give  it to my mom but we haven’t had time because it’s really heavy and requires a truck to be moved.  This isn’t the first time she’s invaded my privacy and done something illegal. She took my packages, and put them in a empty  apartment even though, they were addressed to me and my apartment.

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    She did not "Just walk in".

    She knocked, and then waited before letting herself in. Big difference. 

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    That is bad, ig you need to look for state law.

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    You haven't really asked your question although the terms of whether she can enter your apartment or not should be explained on your lease. If not, check the local laws regarding her entry as she may be guilty of trespassing. At the very least, her removing packages from your apartment is theft and you can have her arrested.

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    What is your question 

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    That's terrible, but do you have a question?

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    What do you want to know?

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    Check your state's laws on LL entry.  She may not need to give notice.

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    if the packages were OUTSIDE (which it seems like) your home, it is NOT stealing, to move them to a secure place for you to pick up later.

    about 1/3rd of states do not require notice and the landlord is allowed to knock and enter without notice.  what state do you live in?

    is it possible notice was given.

    when you are home, you should have some type of lock to prevent the landlord from opening  the door such as a chain or 'hotel lock' (a portable device that doesn't need to be installed).

    what about the packages, maybe she was trying to keep them safe until you picked them up.  how did you find out they were in the other apartment?

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    You didn't ask a question....   

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    You have failed to tell us what state you are in or if she provided you written notice of the inspection?

    -- if you haven't come out of your apartment since yesterday, the notice might have been on the door since then.

    "She took my packages, and put them in a empty  apartment even though, they were addressed to me and my apartment."

    -- that's nice... where were they that she could get them?

    If they were in front of your door but blocking the pathway so others can't get through, she is legally required to move them since that would be a safety hazard. 

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