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hair salon anxiety?

(warning; this might be over sharing?) I've been going to the same hair stylist for over ten years now. She used to do a really good job but I noticed a change in her a few years ago.  She's become extremely judgmental and harsh. The last time I went in she told me (and every one within ears shot) that my dry flakey scalp was dandruff because I was disgusting and unhygienic.  I've scheduled two appointments and had to cancel them both because I get anxiety attacks the night before, I'm so afraid of what she will say about me.  I'm too scared to try a new salon, I'm afraid they'll think worse of me. I

've let my hair go long enough now and I know it needs to be professionally taken care of I just can't get passed the anxiety that my hairstylist has created.  Does anyone have any advice at all?

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    Go to a new salon, she shouldn't use the word disgusting, everyone gets dandruff, and she has to disinfect her stuff between clients (and that's been for everyone's lifetime!). Hair salons can be difficult and I started cutting my own hair because I just can't deal with the pandemic measures on top of it.

  • Not all stylist are going to treat you the way she did. Stylist are usually polite and accommodating. They should do everything they can to make you feel comfortable and that you can trust them.

    Do go to another salon if you're not comfortable with seeing her any more. 

    Once you find a new salon, let them know your scalp is a bit dry and flaky, also there are things you can do to help treat a dry flaky scalp.

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    I am sorry that you feel this way! I would suggest calling the hair salon place and explain your situation and see if they can find a hairstylist you can trust. 

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