Windows 10 Sound quits working every time I wake up my computer? Using Audiobox and external speakers. ?

So after one of the Windows 10 updates my sound no longer works on my computer. The only way to fix this is right click on the sound icon, go to sounds, playback tab, then select my speakers that are audiobox usb. I right click it then go to properties, then I go to the advanced tab, and then change the format from 24 bit 44100 hz to 48000 hz or vice versa. I hit apply and the sound works again. It works on either 44100 or 48000 hz, but I just have to switch between the two to get the sound to work. It's just really annoying to do this every time I wake up my computer. It never did this before and I think there was a recent update that may have broken this. Is there any fix to this or do I have to keep doing this from now on? 

2 Answers

  • along  with  micksmixxx's  answer … you  may  also  consider  uninstalling  the  last  couple  win-10  updates … check  if  your  sounds  are  good … and  then  allowing  microsoft  to  reinstall  their  updates (rebooting after each kb-update).

    however … i  have  never  uninstalled  an  update … and  not  sure  i'd  trust  microsoft  perfunctorily.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Try shutting down your computer once you've made the change(s) that you desire, my friend, then reboot your computer to see if the changes have been saved.

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