can we determine what mineral deposites will one day become rich in gemstones?

we know how to find gemstones by their associated minerals and some specific Geological Activities that are millions of years old and took millions of years to form..... how about doing that in reverse? can we determine what current Geological Activity will one day be the host rock to future deposites of gemstones and other saught after specific minerals and elements? they know what is being produced and exploit it in some cases like the places where people harvest minerals as they are produced like sulfer and metal salts from volcanoes and whatnot.. are there any places where people have put the knowledge of both those subjects together to locate future deposites based on what there is now and what the predicted future geological activity will be and all that jazz? 

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Well, yes and no, in the same sense of being able to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  We can identify where the necessary conditions would exist, but we cannot say which of those many situations will actually follow the one path to making a deposit.  We can exclude a lot of situations pretty easily and make a broad sorting, but we cannot narrow down into specifics from the acceptable candidate regions obtained from that primary sorting.  Too many variables and not enough info.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Not likely.  aluminum was once a very valuable metal, which is now worth less.

    I am always sniggering about how Precious Metals are lauded as the way to provide for an emergency, Like how much Gold after the apocalypse can by a loaf of bread, or a bullet?

    Who is going to assay if it is real?  Try selling it even today, find the market.

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