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Why can't guys realize if younger white women that are beautiful in the USA care about intellect, they would move to Asia, for men?

in East Asia, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and South Korea have the highest concentration of smart men in the world. They also have the greatest standard of living, the best public transit systems in the world. But younger white women despise them. 

In South Asia especially in India half the population is smart and the rest are morons in a population of 1 billion. Explains why it is in chaos.  

However, they are exporters in intelligence hence many are Nobel Prize winners and many work for Google, Apple, NASA, Tesla, etc. However, younger beautiful white women despise them too. 

So it is clear younger white women if beautiful ONLY want muscular aka closet homo type white men or black african men no matter how dumb or criminal infested records


Bill: your mother is a hooker. 

Update 2:

Poker: Why are you so retarded? You never even stated your country. Muscular and tall men are closeted fags. 

Update 3:

Right Winger: Ever watch porn you retard?

Update 4:

Foofa: You fat slob idiot. No i named TWO large regions within Asia. And if a man is decent and has intelligence he has a god-given right to a beautiful girl more than an attractive male since the intelligent male has substance. 

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  • Foofa
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    4 weeks ago

    You've named a few places with some of the most stringent immigration standards on Earth. You can't just move to these places to indulge your taste for Asian men. Thankfully there are plenty of Asian men living outside of Asia. You seem to be ignoring entirely that the hottest boy band in the world right now is from South Korea and has such legions of female fans, white and otherwise, that they call themselves an Army. There is no member of BTS who qualifies as "muscular". This sounds like a personal problem you're having, probably with just one or two white women. One wonders if you're selecting the most intelligent white women while expecting them to base their attractions solely on intellect. Or maybe you're just going for physical beauty while expecting others not to have that same expectation. 

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Most people marry within their own ethnic group or community. It is not just about white women, but other women too. Most people preserve their ethnicity, culture and race, so they don't fall for other groups. You shouldn't be complaining about white women.

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