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Guys: Would you rather date someone who looks like they stepped out of a porn film or someone who has the girl-next-door look?

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    A couple things, 1. Believe it or not, a very good chunk of porn star women are either average or a bit better than average. The fact they're naked and doing sexual stuff does wonders for the psychology of it all. Although there are a decent amount of women in porn who could pass as models physically, I think it's a bit of a stretch to say that's the standard for women in porn. 2. I have a certain "type" when it comes to physical looks in women, those looks don't change whether she's a porn star or the girl next door.

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    Considering lots of porn stars look like "the girl next door" i don't see what you're talking about

    Maybe you have them confused with hookers

  • Piero
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    1 month ago

    Most of the time, porn actresses are totally naked. That would be my choice of attire for my date.

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