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what does it mean when a package with fedex goes from exception to delivery pending?

i have contacted the company which i ordered intially from this afternoon that is located in the uk to ask they contact the fed ex which is located in the usa to fix my address which was incorrect for the delivery , this package has had two failed drop off attempts (today and yesterday) i did not recieve a notice paper nor was i given a location to pick up this package from fedex , i was only aware because of the tracking number online &the fed ex app, given all my efforts i was unable to even get the exact location of which fed ex my package is being delivered from both the company i ordered from and the fed ex customer service and the post office - this evening when i checked the status of the tracking online it went from saying package exception to delivery pending is this a good thing? does this mean i will still be able to recieve the package and the company in the uk got a hold of the fedex in the use to fix my address. ?

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    It means that they are going to try a third time to delivery it -- but it doesn't mean it will be at the right address.

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