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I need an example of a farm getting sued that was a sole proprietor.?

I am doing a consulting project for a family farm that operates as two separate sole proprietors. I need to find an example that shows them where a farm got sued that was a sole proprietor so they can see the risk that comes with operating as a sole proprietor. Does anyone know of a similar situation and if so can they post the link? Thanks

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    Being a farm has nothing to do with this.    If your client can't understand how there is no separation of personal assets and business assets without creating a separate legal entity, you're either a very bad consultant or they're dumb as a box of rocks.

    That being said, creating a separate legal entity isn't necessarily going to protect their personal assets particularly if they live onsite.    If they are sued, they are likely to be sued personally as well as the corporation/LLC.     People who operate home child day cares have the same issue.   You can incorporate all you want, but if someone slips in your driveway, they can still sue you personally.

    Be careful.   If you're getting paid to give legal advice without being an attorney, you may be breaking the law. 

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    What does this have to do with taxes?

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    If you can't figure out a scenario where a family farm could get sued, get out of the consulting industry (or drop out of school).

    Pretending you aren't an SP when you really are, doesn't reduce your liability.

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