how do I connect and old HP printer to a new HP laptop?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    You didn't mention the model of the HP Printer but I suspect that it has a parallel port (25 pins).

    1. Do it via the USB port with a parallel to USB cable

    2. If it has an Ethernet port, connect it to your router (making it a network printer) and your laptop can print to it

    3. If your router has no free port (some comes with 1 instead of 4 due to it having WiFi) then connect the HP printer to a desktop printer in the home/office and make it shared so the laptop can print to it. The desktop will need to stay on (not logged in) for you to always have print access. Create an account on the desktop called "printer" and give it a password. You'll need to use that to gain access from the laptop and be sure to click the save password box or the next time you try to print, the printer will show offline.

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    4 weeks ago

    Usually: with a USB cable

    unless it's a REALLY old HP printer

    one with a printer port.

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