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How long can you keep sugar/honey water in the refrigerator?

I sometimes make pickled apples with honey, water and sugar. Most of time I just use the apples and a few spoon of the water for cakes and then discard the water, but sugary water taste so good, so I wonder how long you can keep it in the refrigerator? (To use as a sweetener in drinks).For freeze/storage, Ive seen recipes where you use vinegar/acetum to make it last longer, but I tends to use up the pickled apples rather quickly so I never add that.

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    I make a simple syrup (water and sugar) for the Hummingbirds and I will keep a jar in the fridge for a week. 

    If you have had apples in the sugar mixture you are introducing organisms (bacteria , yeasts and other "wildlife") into the sugar mixture so there is a chance that stuff will grow. I would probably not keep the mixture more than 2 weeks.  

    Actually without an acid, typically vinegar, you re really not "pickling" you are just sweetening the apples. 

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    Check out an internet recipe for simple syrup and sub some honey for part of the sugar. Use that to pickle your apples. Simple syrup has a long shelf life.

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