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How will it be announced that Camilla is our Queen ?

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    to my 7 thumbs down Please read the Truth

    Despite what you may have heard, Queen Elizabeth II will not reign forever. Her son, Prince Charles (the Prince of Wales), will eventually become king, which means his wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, will have to be called something else. But it turns out, her new title won’t be Queen Camilla.The duchess has had a lot of names and titles. She was born Camilla Shand and married Andrew Parker Bowles, becoming Camilla Parker Bowles. Then, when she married Prince Charles in 2005, she took on the title the Duchess of Cornwall. The reason she was not known as the Princess of Wales was out of respect for the late Princess Diana.So when Charles becomes king, what are we supposed to call Camilla?Apparently there’s been some confusion about her future title throughout the years. According to the Daily Star (per the Sunday Times), it’s rumored that Prince Charles would like his wife to be called the queen consort, which is the title usually bestowed upon the wife of the reigning king. Alas, he will be disappointed.“The intention is for the duchess to be known as princess consort when the prince accedes to the throne,” a spokesperson for the royal couple recently told The Times. “This was announced at the time of the marriage and there has been absolutely no change at all.”

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    One wonders  if  the questioner is a  MM sugar  who is  trying to instigate a republic  in defence of MM

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    Camilla has always said she will only be a Princess Consort instead of a Queen consort as would be usual when Charles takes the Throne,but I think we can be sure Charles will have his own views on that.He will be the font of all honour. I expect it will be announced from Buckingham palace what Charles has decided a while after the Queen sadly dies.

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    An announcement from Buckingham Palace may be rendered concerning Camilla's titles and styles.

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  • The exact words would be "La Reine est Morte — Vive Le Roi". 

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    NO.  Charles will become King, Camilla will probably become a Princess as most.

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    It will not be announced formally, except by the fact that Charles will be proclaimed King, and in accordance with custom and tradition it will be obvious that his wife has become queen. 

    Traditionally, the formal accession proclamations are made in London, York and Edinburgh, within the UK, and in the national and state/provincial/territorial capital cities of the Commonwealth Realms. 

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    Officially, a notice will be posted outside Buckingham Palace regarding the accession of the king. He will then announce or issue letters patent regarding any titles.

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    upon queen elizabeths death philip wll declare it on BBC radio

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    it might be announced on tv

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