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Need new outfit ideas plz answer?

hey! i need help with mixing up my style a bit 

I'm 5'6 160lbs With long past shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes 

I need some new outfit ideas i want to change it up a bit go different 

im usually in just jeans and a t-shirt and want to go more stylish and stuff 

Whatever ideas you have 


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    As we are coming in to winter, you want to keep warm while walking through the snow.

    But at the same time, obviously, you still want to look cute.

    So i think a wooly white winter cashmere will go well with the snow, as well as your long brown hair.

    You want some long furry boots though to keep your legs warm.

    You might also want to go for a stylish hat that suits your wooly and warm cashmere.

    You might also want to invest in a nice warm pair of think cotton tights.

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