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Aren't accountant in charge for filing correct tax returns for Trump?  ?

I doubt that he did his tax returns personally but that the returns were made by his accountants. Don't they have to report to the IRS exactly what the finances are? 

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    He can probably sue them for taking aggressive (and questionable) positions.  For example:

    1) Declaring a "total loss" on his Atlantic City casinos when he didn't actually lose everything.  Since he converted his holdings into a stake in a new venture, it wasn't a loss he could claim in that year.

    2) Settling/Buying a $100M debt he owed for half off and then keeping the loan alive by paying interest to himself instead of declaring the cancelled debt as income.

    3) Funneling money to family members by calling it consulting fees when they already worked for him on salary.

    4) *Someone* is certainly responsible for discrepancies such as listing the value of real estate at a high value on loan applications and then appealing to the property tax authority for a reduction in taxes on the grounds that the exact same real estate is worth a lot less.

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    They are, and he is still legally liable for said tax returns.  

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    He signed them, he's responsible. 

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    Why not let it go?

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    His accountants can be summoned to produce their documentation or provide it as substantiation in an audit  but as "third party record keepers" Trump has the right to petition US District Court to quash the summons if he has a legal reason why that should be done. 

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