can gemstones and minerals be made in nature, but forced by humans?

we can make minerals and gemstones in lab conditions and some even on industrial level production, but that is artificial synthesis. i'm talking about impregnating specific environments with the necessary elements. we can kind of force nature to produce a fossil, but that is up to debate because our methods of preservation have not been subjected to the right conditions for even a fraction of the time needed but more or less, we can force nature to produce fossils. what about gems and minerals?


"Pearls are the obvious "gems" here" actually no not obvious. pearls are not the same. they are a secretion produced by ALL mollusks that is the same substance as their shells, and is secreted. mineral yes but not a stone. nor is the mineral particularly rare. it is essentially the puss coagulation from a clam zit that is made of shale.. diamonds alexandrite. emerald. sapphire. amethyst. gemSTONES, created by natural processes, environmental origin, not synthesised by an animal. but correct

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    Pearls are the obvious "gems" here.  They're routinely forced into production.

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