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Makers don't get a lot of love, do they?

My kludges and bolt on additions to my car really annoy actual OEM mechanics; when I want an additional pocket in an old pair of cruddy pants, I make a slit and sew on a pocket where I think one should be, and if the neck of a cheap shirt is too tight I cut it out and hem up the edge, but my friend's mom says I dress like a tramp, so I annoy her; home made planters that are not professionally done, and the profusion of botany that fills them annoys the neighbours, and the way I set up the subdirectory system on my old shaky laptop annoys computer techs.  

  I mean, the only people that seem to like the way I run my stuff are a bunch of art students, they all say,"WOW!, You should sell that!"  yeah, but to whom?  Most people seem to be kind of aggravated by it.  The big voices say, "Be an individual! or Be your own person! or Be creative!"  but you try that in something other than on canvas or drawing paper, and you get a lot of pushback.

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    I've got no problem with makers, but I do have a problem with people who are inordinately proud of early and amateurish results when they make or modify something.

    In every kind of crafting, there's a learning curve. It's good that a person tries to do a new thing, entering the learning curve, and for that they merit praise. But when people who are professionals in that field are not impressed, that's their right, too.

    For instance, my field is writing fiction. I'd praise a beginner who finished a short story. Praise again when they produce one without any mistakes. But that doesn't mean they're writing publication-worthy novels. It means they're learning, moving up the curve.

    It sounds like you're doing that, and some people like your early efforts. The question now is whether you're going to let the "pro level" people discourage you, or keep moving up that curve, without losing your creativity as your skills improve.

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    4 weeks ago

    WRONG FORUM. Philosophy - really??? FAIL. Try again.

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