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How did the Wilson T 3000 tennis racket (apparently endorsed by Jimmy Connors?) compare with others from its time (looks to be from the 70s)?

bq: What's a good price for one in about 8.5 / 10 condition (only really noticeable wear, minor at that, is on the grip) - but no case? I'm not sure about grip size but seems to be either 4 3/8 or 4 1/2.

Also does it make a difference if red rather than white after the grip? I'm seeing both variations on ebay and don't know which is rarer or sought after.


So do you think I could sell it for 20 US Dollars? 30 maybe? There's too much of a difference on Ebay so not sure what to try getting.

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    Wilson is definitely the top racket brand, but the rackets are all factory produced, so they're not really desirable as collectors items. A specific racket that has good and provable provenance in the sport, like the racket of a top player, would fetch more, otherwise, you're not really going to find anyone wanting to shell out massive amounts of money for a 50 year old racket. 

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