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Is the one who is now married to Prince Charles (Camilla) was she kind to Diana and only wanted the best for Diana (to be well cared for) ?

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    Camilla parker Bowels only cared about herself

    she made the Honeymoon of Charles Diana and Camilla a threesome

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    No. The Camilla woman refused to be shown the door and knew one of them had to go. Unlike Diana, she survived her accident with legs unbroken and fled in terror before the ambulance arrived. Diana was warned. She then began a highly political landmines campaign and ran off with the coke-head nephew of the world's biggest landmines dealer. Dodi immediately dumped his fiancee. Even if she was just using him to get Dr. Whatsit back, it couldn't go on. 

  • She did indeed want someone to take care of Diana - and was relieved when they did. 

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    From the many credible biographies written about Diana that I've read, in the beginning, Camilla served as a host to Diana during her courtship with Charles. Camilla also gave advice to Diana....

    Camilla knew that one day, Charles would marry, their affair ending, but she hoped to remain friends, part of the royal circle of close friends and confidantes. Helping Diana navigate the courtship was a way to ensure that Camilla remain in Charles' good graces. Unfortunately, Camilla was never held in favorable esteem by Diana. Diana was extremely naive, unwilling to accept that fact that Charles had a past that included girl friends. Charles cut off seeing both Camilla and Andrew Parker Bowles during the first four to five years of the marriage, yet Diana always was accusing him of having an affair. After the birth of Harry, Charles did start his affair with Camilla. Camilla saw how Diana acted, but she did not feed the press stories about Diana's unreasonable behavior. She kept the private lives private. Camilla knew that Diana was having affairs of her own, but she said nothing. Camilla and Diana were not friends, that is certain.

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    It's said that Camilla, always in the background at first, did try to help that marriage to work at some level.  It could be said however, that it would have been kinder to butt out.   It's easy to be wise, critical even, after all these years.  When it all went pear-shaped, she (Camilla) was the only one there for Charles and he turned to her because of that.   So many what-ifs re that sad marriage.   Including why it ever took place.

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    Having an affair with somebody's husband is rarely kind. Just ask Julia Carling.

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