apollo x8 interface connection to a pc with no thunderbolt port (how can I connect this device?)?

so I found that the apollo is a great audio interface for real-time plugin ins for daws and live events. I'm hoping to purchase but wonder how can I connect this to my surface book 2? it says it's connected through thunderbolt 3 which is what I would need to convert is some way into my laptop or the dock station. there are USB (3.1) ports and the USB c port on the surface and the dock has other extensions that can be found online. what I wish I could've tried when we rented was connect it to my pc. the setup basically was used as a send and return to our ql5 board. nothing of connection to a daw which its mainly for. so what I would like to know how can I convert it to connect to my surface book 2? should it connect with the USB c port? will it even connect this way? reason being since they are similar, but I've read that the USB port does work that way for the surface. or will I need to convert the thunderbolt 3 to USB and put it into the USB port? asking from anyone who has worked with this since I haven't gotten to test this in some way. I hope this was clear and I find an answer on how I could do this along with maybe testing one at a retailer hopefully soon.

1 Answer

  • 3 weeks ago

    You cannot connect a Thunderbolt 3 device to a standard USB-C port and expect it to work. Thunderbolt is basically a combination of DisplayPort and PCI-E, and is much faster than USB. Even if there was an adapter, any device attached to it would have to run much slower than normal, and you'd have extra latency.

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