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Is the Red Queen from an apocalyptic videogame, good or evil?


the Red Queen is not perfect just as much as a human being is, however, the Red Queen is a supercomputer that had human origins of consciousness and follows rules to approach a state of inflawlessness.

The Red Queen can choose who to kill or who needs to die.

The Red Queen can often help or hurt. She commands her drones to kill evil beings and existent imperfection regardless. 

Sometimes she can help the protagonist by killing the giant spider for them, but sometimes she can kill both.

Update 2:

any flaw or hint of imperfection regardless of whether they are on the good or evil side, she will try to destroy

Update 3:

the protagonists were still infected with the devil's virus

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    I would say the Red Queen has to be dominantly good because there has to be something they are not showing you, to make that rash biased decision.

    She could have been framed as evil.

    compared to spiders fleas ringworms ticks mosquitoes and bot flies, I strongly believe honey bees are the lesser evil by a longshot

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