A rom-com movie I don't remember the name of?

It was a rom-com movie that in the end the guy carries the girl all the way to somewhere and it starts to rain whilst he carries her. I remember the scenery was very autumn like; meaning there were trees or a park of some sort and the trees had red-yellowish leaves. I used to think the actor playing the guy was Colin Firth, but since I can't find the movie, I'm not really sure it was him. The movie was 100% before 2012-2011, probably also before 2010. It's not any of the Bridget Jones movies.


*he carries her in his arms

Update 2:

It was Colin Firth, and it was Hope Springs 2003

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  • I have seen that film. Hope Springs 2003 and yes that has Colin Firth in..he gets cheated on and visits another country and falls in love but his ex comes back blah blah. Umm I think the carrying someone (lady) on back had a meaning did it not? Love Colin Firth in films 😀 

    Oh yeah "Mandy tells him that she is too heavy to be carried through the whole town and warns him of hurting his back." So he does carry her lol.

  • 1 month ago

    Winter's Tale with Colin Firth

  • 1 month ago

    Was it a period costume drama?  I wouldn't consider it a "rom com" but there was a 1995 film adaptation of Jane Austen's "Sense & Sensibility" starring Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet as the Dashwood sisters.

    Winslet plays the more carefree younger sister and, while out for a walk in the country, she slips and sprains her ankle in the rain.  A handsome stranger, John Willoughby, carries her through the rain back to his estate and they fall in love while he nurses her back to health.

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