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Odd one, but bare with me. Anyone know where I can find a downloadable folder with a playlist of porn videos?

I bought a 2 tb flash drive and decided I'd use it to create a useful tool I named "Lack 'O Wi-fi" which contains all my music, movies, tv shows, and hey everyone needs some porn once and awhile but am too lazy to go and pick out a bunch.

my main point of this is i live in the middle of nowhere and wifi runs out a lot 

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    There's no such thing as a "downloadable folder." Folders aren't actually data; they're just structures created by the file system. At most, you can tell a peer to peer program (like BitTorrent) to create one when downloading, or download an archive file (like a zip or RAR file), where the archiver will create one.

    It's against Yahoo's ToS to link to adult content. If you search online for "BitTorrent" and "porn collection", I'm sure you'll find something. Besides, you're better off picking your own porn, as we don't know your preferences (and don't want to).

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