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Walmart strange or stupid way to detur shoplifters,about a year ago while shopping at a local walmart,i was in the toy department when a?

employee approach me and claimed he saw me pocket a item,which was BS,i left the store 20mins later without incedent,but fearing possibility of future problems when ever i returned,2 days later i went back to walmart to talk to management i wasn't sure if this was a real employee or some youtube prank show,i was shocked to find out from management that this is a walmart shoplifting detur technique,but to approach a shopper with no evidence or proof that they did anything sound risky and stupid to detur crime.How would you have responded to being accused of such thing?Is this a smart or stupid way to detur someone who you have not seen do anything you are about to accused them of?

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    3 weeks ago

    They have special machines that can identify anyone with less than an 8th grade education. You failed.  Its "scrimination". Be sure to Burn, Loot & Murder .... BLM.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Sounds dumb.  I was setting off an alarm once.  Stripped down to my undies.  I found a sensor stuck to my shoe.

      If accused in person you can bet I would have been naked.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Next time pocket a gun and when they go ¨hey you!¨ you could go yes I´m sorry and then give them your gun

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