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Which accent should I start using while speaking in English? I am planning to stay in US for few years then Europe. Please read below.?

Which accent should use considering: I have intermediate level fluency in English. I plan on studying for 6 years in the US and then permanently reside in Europe. But People find French accent to be sexy & the British accent to be of smart/rich person. Some people love Irish accent and think it is the best. I know some people will say if why don't you learn American since you will be staying here for 6 years or British since it is used in Europe but do consider that rich americans orthe british people residing in America use british accent. Jamaican americans speak in their own accents which sounds cool. Even many hispanic americans speak in their own accents. So, I am guessing that in america, it doesn't matter as long as I speak fluent English so I feel like if I start using french/irish/british accent permanently, I would get better treatment. On the other hand, If I don't use American accent, people might feel that I am not their own (outsider) so I also feel american accent would be better to fit in. But keep in mind that I would be staying in america ONLY for FEW years then I would permanently leave for europe (most probably Italy or Spain). PLEASE RANK ALL THE ACCENTS THAT YOU THINK I SHOULD LEARN FROM "BEST/MOST USEFUL" TO "LEAST USEFUL"


I am first planning on staying in New York which has its own different accent. Also, highest percentage of American people uses southern accent.

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    You are supposed use the LANGUAGE you need, not the accents. No matter for this last thing and too, what think / find people about it. 

    Just be yourself ...

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    Most people have relatively little control over their accent. You will automatically pick up whatever you hear most around you.

    Don't fret about it. Trying to  use a particular accent can make you sound artificial..

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    Be your self. Do not try to masquerade as something which you are not. People will only laugh at you behind your back.

    Be very careful with Irish, which is different north and south of the Irish border. If you use the wrong form of accent and of words in the wrong place you could be in big trouble!

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