Why am i dropping frames in OBS streaming software?

 I started streaming apex legends on my pc about 3 weeks ago. The first 2 weeks it was working with no issues. Last week i got an elgato for my switch to start streaming my switch games and no issues there but last week i tryed going back to apex legends and now im dropping frames like crazy when i play apex or any pc game. i have it set to 60fps and drops as low as 20fps. i did a stress test on my pc a saw my cpu is not hitting its boost clock of 3.8 it is only hitting 3.45. my ultimate question is do i need to upgrade my cpu so i can play games and stream or is there a fix that is not costly?

PC specs 

CPU=AMD Ryzen 1700x

MB= Asus  crosshair vi hero 

Ram= 32 GB Corsair vengeance RGB 

GPU= Evga hybrid RTX 2070 super 

Storage= ssd m.2 970 evo 

PCU= 1300 evga supernova G2 80+gold  


MY obs software says my cpu is using 11% on average 15% is the most i have seen and the target frames is 60 but drops ans soon as i load up apex legends and strart playing 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    GPU bottleneck.

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