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According to the transgendered and liberal supporters, it is "transphobic" for straight men not to sleep with transwomen. Would you?

In other words, would you sleep with a man so as not to be labeled "transphobic"? Or would you continue giving transsexuals a wide berth regardless?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    There is a small contingent of misguided 'woke' people who say nonsense like that.

    Most of us liberals are sensible enough to accept that who you choose to sleep with is your choice and your business, as long as they're consenting adults.

    I support transgender individuals and the right to live as they choose and their acceptance in society, but if I were available I wouldn't sleep with a transwoman, even though some are very attractive. I like my women to be anatomically female and my men to be anatomically male. 

  • 3 weeks ago

    Even if a transwoman looked voluptuous and 100 percent like a woman with the world's most realistic fake vagina I would not be able to because it would leave a disgusted type of mutated duel headed snake or turtle without shell type feeling. No that does not make you transphobic. They are encouraging population control with trannies before passing a population control law. Transexual Humans are man made and not naturally occurring like in some animals so they are just harassing people. Transexuals are similar to getting surgery to look like plastic dolls.

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