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JPP asked in Home & GardenMaintenance & Repairs · 4 weeks ago

Can I have a dehumidifier placed on a slight angle?

I ask this cause I recently had a major flood and will soon be away for around a week. The only place I can use the continuous flow/hose option is to have it in the bathtub as I live on a small bachelor apartment, and as such the dehumidifier will be on a bit of an angle? If this option is okay for the dehumidifier would it be best to have the side where the hose is connected facing on a bit of a downwards angle?


Thanks Mr. Spock, my Captain Obvious/Logical side has not been fairing all that well with the flood, mainly cause I have lost lots of personal items (Some of which can not be replaced), so thanks for that little tip, everything is nice and level now, er, with the dehumidifier that is, lolz :)

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    that's workable temporarily.  and yes, the drain connection needs to be on the down hill side.  btw, you can shim it up to level

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    4 weeks ago

    Dehumidifiers are made with the water run off in mind. Even a slight tilt may through that proper drainage off and cause it to leak.  You really want to keep an eye on things just in case.

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