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Interesting topic on music influencing a culture/subculture?

I'm taking a music journalism class and we have to write a paper to explore and evaluate the impact of music in a real-world context. We basically have to write about a specific culture or subculture, and how music plays a role in it, and I have no ideas.

Does anyone know of any interesting topic I could look at? Any ideas are appreciated!

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    Music created subcultures.  Music creates different lifestyles and political views.  Goth, Punk and even the Hippie subcultures were mainly influenced by music.  Thousands of parents throughout music history have pulled their hair out over their children listening to Rock, Jazz, Death Metal or even Swing music.

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    I think there have been a book or two recently on how Black radio stations in the Southern U.S. were an important part of the Civil Rights movement in the 1950s and 60s, serving the kinds of commu and organizing needs that mobile phones and text messages do for activists today. And the music those stations playes, and the popular DJs who played the records, were a big part of that story. 

    Another interesting subculture would be the fandom of opera singer Beverly Sills in the 60s, who were largely gay men who were not your stereotypical wealthy urban opera lovers, in many countries. In the absence of an internet back then, the fans networked thru the mail, exchanging bootleg tape recordings of Sills performances. Music historian Nancy Guy has written a book "The Magic of Beverly Sills" on this.

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