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Can't speak suddenly, anxiety?

Hello! I was diagnosed with anxiety a while ago, but I've been having panic attacks or 'sudden system errors' more recently. I've been trying to cut down my stress, but in the meantime, I wanted to know if it's normal to be unable to speak after an attack? My throat tightens up and my chest hurts a ton, and whenever I try to speak during one it's usually a single word through gritted teeth and tears pour out of my eyes. I tried looking it up for advice, but couldn't find anything. What's worse is that after my attacks it takes me a good two hours at least before I can start speaking again. It's driving me nuts, and while my boss doesn't mind at all and just rolls with it, I want to be able to communicate better during these moments, even if they are far and few between for the most part. Any advice?

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  • Pearl
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    maybe you should go to the er if youre having chest pains, it might not have anything to do with chest pains

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