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Does this make me shy or introverted?

Certain people gave me dirty looks and also sometimes laughing down the corridor at me for no reason other than me casually making eye contact with them (the eye contact was just normal like seeing a random person and meeting eyes- there was no intention behind it from me) in the past so now i always avoid making eye contact because i do not like the unpleasant feeling of someone giving me a dirty look and laughing at me with their mates.

I don't feel nervous around them really (dictionary definition of being shy), i just feel embarrassed and insulted when they laugh/ give dirty looks.

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  • Pain
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    4 weeks ago

    I very much doubt that people are mocking you just because of a tiny bit of eye contact. Slight eye contact is something that we all do and is not abnormal at all. Perhaps you are just a bit self conscious and think people are laughing at you when they are not. 

    I encourage you to be more confident within yourself, learn about self love and learn to stop caring about how you are perceived. It's really not important and isn't good for your overall mental health to be concerned about these things.

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