How can I submit my 2 weeks notice to my employer without drawing attention to myself? ?

I am quitting my job in the future to pursue another career elsewhere. I work in customer service and I have a 2nd job that i am focusing on and thoroughly enjoy, I've met great people there and I feel I fit in with the group better than CS. I am discontent with my CS job and want to leave it in a peaceful manner. However, I don't want to draw attention to myself to my managers and coworkers around me when I go to submit my 2 week notice to my HR personnel. I want to go about this peacefully without having people start spreading the fact that I'm quitting there or having them find out. My question is: Is there anyway to keep it anonymous without my boss/coworkers knowing? 

I just don't want the attention and I am excited to get out of the job altogether. I'm not content with my CS job because the way how the employees are treated, lack of appreciation, lazy coworkers, coworkers micro-manage your work. They bark at their employees when things get hectic. CS can be stressful to work in, esp. when you deal with the public and crappy employees and managers that bark at you and you don't feel appreciated. They treat their employees like garbage 


UPDATE: Ive met some nice people there but its not like their invested interested in me in terms of friendship. Its hard making friends at work.

Update 2:

UPDATE 2: George, if you can't give me a decent answer you need to leave. Take your answer down.

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    You don't "only" need to tell HR.

    You "can" only tell HR but they are going to turn around and tell your management team.They use the notice period to find a new employee, transfer your workload etc.If you don't care about burning bridges don't get any notice or a shorter period.But you can't have it both ways.

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    You only need to notify HR of your resignation and you do not need to give them any reason or tell them where you are going.  It is up to HR to notify your supervisor of the impending vacancy.

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