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Can anyone explain how Trump "cheated" on his taxes by using existing tax laws and loopholes?

Assuming the NYT story is correct. Which is doubtful since it is against federal law to be in possession of UNRELEASED tax returns.


Okay, provide your proof he devalued his properties.

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    4 weeks ago
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    He didn't...............

  • 3 weeks ago

    trump used accountants to use every loophole available. 

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  • Jas B
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    4 weeks ago

    Of course the information is true or why do you thing Trump has taken stopping the release of his tax returns all the way to the Supreme Court?  If he is a successful businessman with nothing to hide why wouldn't he want the American people to see this?

    As for not being against the law, we don't know that because investigations into his financial dealings are still going on.

    It is ironic how Republicans still claim a liberal is guilty even after multiple investigations have found no evidence, Benghazi, Clinton's emails, Trump's claims of "massive voter fraud", Obama hacking Trump, the plutonium deal.   All have been investigated some of them multiple times.  Yet still Republicans claim these were crimes.

    Yet before the facts are even known to you Trump is innocent.  You sound more like the follower of a cult leader, than an intelligent, reasoning, logical person.

  • For this reason of extreme tax evasion "CHEATING" by the 'rich white man' we the people hereby proclaim & declare the decree to 'DEMAND' "Comprehensive Tax Code Reform!" SIGN into LAW the top 10% elite class 'pay back' their FAIR SHARE of taxes (restrict deferred taxes) 39.6% income, capital gains & corporate taxes! =<)

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Why waste time inviting idiots like tpeb to make up reasons why President Trump cheated when the story itself states that there was no tax evasion, only tax avoidance which is 100% legal. Democrats will never admit they're wrong even when people can see the facts for themselves so they make up garbage like devaluing their property. Wait for more idiotic rants from ignorant, hate-filled Democrats.

  • Zany
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    4 weeks ago

    My haircut is relevant to my vocation, as is my home office, yet I get no deduction for the first, and minimal for the latter. And I can't hire my son as a deductible consultant, unless he has a consulting business.

  • 4 weeks ago

    By paying Ivanka $750,000, calling it "consulting fee" and then writing it off, for one. But, that's not the big story. The big stories are him being in so much debt. $421 Million. That much would prohibit someone from getting a security clearance because they be at risk for blackmail or being compromised. Also, the fact that the President who says "America first" paid $750 in taxes to the US, but 100s of thousands of dollars in taxes to OTHER countries.

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