why is my iphone 6 not charging ?

It looks like theres a tiny bit of metal sticking out from the back of the charge port, its stopping the end of the charge cable from going in fully.

I can feel it sticking out when I try to clean it with a toothpick.

it seems like its part of the phone rather than something that got stuck in there .


It looks like 2 little metal bars like the pins that are supposed to connect to the charge lead.

2 Answers

  • 3 weeks ago

    It sounds like it's one of the contact pins that came out of position and will not allow the charger to make contact with it. This would make sense as the iPhone 6 is 6 years old, so it's had years of constantly plugging and unplugging the charger which eventually wears out the port as you're experiencing right now. Take it to your nearest Apple store, they can take a look at it and confirm whether or not it is one of the pins and if it will be worth fixing.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    yeah that sucks. you need to purchase a phone that has wireless charging capabilities, like an s9+ off ebay or something. that way when the charging port eventually has issues it's no big deal because you can still charge it wirelessly. you didn't include  a photo so i have no idea what it is but yeah if you cant fix it you should consider getting a different phone. not an iphone though.

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