Philosophy/ethics question?

What is the principle that relates to this? Let’s take covid and wearing masks because it’s a hot topic. In the first scenario, we assume that wearing a mask prevents the spread of covid so if you wear a mask you’re preventing people from getting sick and if you don’t, you may be spreading the virus. For the second scenario let’s say wearing a mask doesn’t help prevent the spread of covid so if you wear a mask, you did it for no reason and if you don’t wear a mask nothing happens. Since people are still debating whether or not to wear one, I like to use this example because wearing one can potentially do way more good than it can harm. There is a philosophical/ethical principle that fits perfectly with this thought experiment but I cannot remember who came up with it/which one it is.

1 Answer

  • 3 weeks ago

    Pascal's wager is what you are looking for.

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