Do anyone else find weird conspiracies nostalgic? Or any other weird things nostalgic?

I remember being young from elementary school to middle school and watching illuminati videos.

Some saying world was gonna end. That the media was controlled by a global government party. Silly things like the mark of the beast being an rfid chip or a credit card.

Movies books and videogames being tainted by the illuminatis control. With left eye, checkered floors, or pyramid eyes representing the devil when it actually meant the eye of god. More on that was the idea that watching these things would evoke demons in you, or would lead to ones descent to hell.

I fondly remember black ops 1 videos suggesting that if a car was blown up a certain way, you could see a demon's face in the wreckage.

These things even said that money was just the devils tool. or that soon we'd be rounded into fema camps.

some people believed eminem was killed and replaced. Or ridiculous claims of Osama actually being a fake person acted by Obama. The most bizarre one i remember was some people believed obama to be the anti christ.

Another disgusting one was that 9/11 was a hoax. That you could see a face in the smoke.

In some people's unfortunately unhealthy minds they'd propose that when you fold certain dollar bills they'd reveal the twin towers burning, or a warning of a nuke dropped into the ocean near new york.

Vividly i remember some of this stuff scaring the sh*t outta me and falling for some of these click baited videos. Growing up and remembering it now it makes me snicker about it.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Uh, you're a fool is you realize 9/11, Boston-Marathon, Sandy Hook 

    were staged False-Flags. It doesn't mean people did not die. It means 

    the media lied to everyone, and blamed the wrong criminals. Anyway, 

    other countries have staged terror-attacks for centuries. It's nothing new. 

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