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Can the civilians of a nation take their government to court and sue them ?

or this wishful thinking and near impossible ?

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    The "civilians" as a group can't sue. Individuals, and some groups, can sue ... but only if the government has given permission. Surprisingly, many governments have given permission. Usually this is out of a sense of shame or decency, or because the government would rather give permission to sue, instead of facing a civil war.

    In the US, people sue the government just about every day. Many of them win.

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    Yes, and this happens all the time. 

    One example is people suing the US EPA for failing to enforce pollution controls related to the Chesapeake Bay: 

    There are lots of others, often they are initiated by activists who feel that a government agency is not doing it's job. Other times there are lawsuits against the government by industry groups who feel that the government is overreaching with regulations. 

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    Sue them for what?  And if they one and the government was forced to pay where would the money come from?  Makes no sense.

  • just when I thought I'd read the most stupid question of 2020 this comes along..

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